Motivational Minute – Jesus Can Multiply What We Give Him

Hi, I’m Laura Lacey Johnson.

When I eat out, I often carry home leftovers to eat for lunch the next day.

Sometimes I hide my lunch box in the back of the refrigerator because I have no intention of sharing!

That’s why I smile when I read John, chapter 6. 

Jesus asked his disciples to feed thousands of people. They didn’t have enough food, but a young boy offered his meager lunch to help.

His sacrificial gift became a catalyst for one of Jesus’s most amazing miracles – feeding the 5,000. 

The boy could have said he didn’t have enough.

But the lesson is simple: Jesus can multiply what we give Him.

Don’t believe the lie that you’re not enough or what you have to offer won’t make a difference.

Put what you have in Jesus’ hands.

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Laura Lacey Johnson is the author of 10-Second Prayers to Transform Your Life: From the Parables of Jesus. In addition to writing, she is a speaker at conferences and churches. To watch Laura’s video devotionals, or to download your FREE resources, visit her website at  

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