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Tired of prayers with worn-out phrases?

Want to jolt your prayer life out of a rut?

Experience the blessings that come from unlocking the parables of Jesus in your everyday life. Perfect for devotional time, 10-Second Prayers to Transform Your Life: From the Parables of Jesus invites you to understand the mysteries of God’s kingdom and put the teachings of Jesus into practice. Read this book to:

  • know God better and grow closer to Him
  • pray with a deeper sense of God’s power
  • yield more of your life to His divine plans

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Listen to what others are saying:

“Prayer is key to having intimate communion with God. Using the parables as a guide, Laura Lacey Johnson leads us to a deeper walk with Him, reminding us not just what Jesus said and what it means, but helping us pray to apply it to our lives. A wonderful book for individual or groups, for new believers and long-time Christians!”

Elsy Shuford, D.D.S

This powerful, practical resource provides a unique way to study the parables of Jesus. Laura Lacey Johnson draws on her solid Christian education and real-world experiences as a wife, mother and media professional to offer words of guidance for our daily lives.

Lanny Hall, Ph.D.

“… Laura Lacey Johnson helps us to hear the parables as urgent calls to unite and order ourselves to the Kingdom, and, until Christ returns, bring forth the true, good and beautiful into our lives and the lives of others.”

Susan Leonard

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