Motivational Minute – Wait For The Lord

Indeed, none of those who wait for You will be ashamed … Psalm 25:3 (NASB)

Hi, I’m Laura Lacey Johnson.

Ever pressed the pedestrian button at a crosswalk and wondered why the traffic light didn’t change? Or, ever mashed the “close door” button in an elevator only to find nothing happened? And what about hotel thermostats – why do some not change the temperature?

Turns out, the world is full of buttons that don’t work.[i] They’re called “placebo buttons,” and experts say they give us the illusion of control. We press them because doing something feels better than doing nothing.

If you’ve ever waited on God to intervene in your circumstances, you know how tempting it is to press any button you can find. But Psalm 25:3 reminds us that no one who waits for the Lord will ever be ashamed.

If God has asked you to wait, remember waiting is doing something. Learn more at

[i] Prisco, Jacopo. “Illusion of Control: Why the World Is Full of Buttons That Don’t Work.” CNN, Cable News Network, 3 Sept. 2018,

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