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Putin Claims ‘Invincible’ Missile Can Break US & NATO Defenses – 2 Biblical Responses

Russian President Vladimir Putin bragged Thursday of new weaponry that will render NATO defenses “completely useless.” The Kremlin leader said Russia had developed a new, nuclear-capable cruise missile with “unlimited” range that is capable of dodging US air-defense systems. He claimed the “invincible” missile could deliver a warhead at hypersonic speed. Putin, who is running

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Married Olympic Figure Skaters Demonstrate How Faith Helped Them Through Adversity

Just two years ago, Chris Knierim had to hold up his wife, Alexa, because her body was not capable of standing on its own. Last night, Chris twirled Alexa high into the air as the Olympic figure skaters competed for Team USA on Valentine’s Day in PyeongChang in what one television commentator called a “miracle

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