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During this time of quarantine, experts have encouraged us to stay busy by learning new skills. Why not take this opportunity to pray our kids (and ourselves) will develop new spiritual skills?

Sometimes we need help communicating the deep anguish of our hearts during times of crisis. So, here are 5 prayers from Scripture to serve as examples and offer guidance as you personalize your own prayers to God. Rest assured, even when you can’t fully express the agony you feel, the Holy Spirit intercedes on your behalf in harmony with God’s will (Romans 8:26-27 NLT).

The world has never seen a more sweeping cultural transformation than what took place in the Roman Empire after the resurrection of Jesus. At first, people thought Christianity was just a
superstition. But in less than four centuries, Christianity became a faith that millions of people embraced.

The early Christians prioritized Jesus’ command to love one another, and as a result, transformed the world. Could modern Christians take a cue from ancient brothers and sisters in Christ and revive the Church’s impact – not through political power – but through a renewed call to love one’s neighbor?

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