Vlog – An Invitation to Hear 2 Timothy 2

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No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, 
since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.
2 Timothy 2:4 ESV

The Greek word for “entangled” means to braid in, to interweave, to involve.

In 2 Timothy 2:4, Paul warns Timothy of the dangers of becoming distracted from his God-given calling by becoming too involved in matters that should not concern to him.

Like me, you’ve probably found yourself entangled and drained by unhealthy relationships, unrealistic expectations, and endless distractions that left you breathless.  Let’s face it: distraction today is as close as our cell phone.

God wants us to put some healthy boundaries on the things that sidetrack us.  He wants us fruitful, with our focus on the work to which He has called us.

Let’s be clear:  It’s not scriptural to entirely detach ourselves from our families, occupations, and communities.  However, sometimes we need stronger boundaries.

For example, when asked to volunteer, we need to assess if this is the season of life to say “yes.” Or, when someone seeks our help, we need to evaluate if our assistance actually helps the person or erodes self-sufficiency by enabling them.

Back in World War II, if a soldier got distracted, a comrade would say: “Hey, there’s a war on!” The saying meant: You’re distracted, and there are more important matters to focus on right now.

Many of the matters that clamor for our attention will resolve themselves without our involvement.  Some issues won’t, and we need God’s wisdom to know the difference.  But, like the soldier Paul used in this illustration, we want to keep from tangling ourselves up in “civilian matters” since we aim to please the One who enlisted us.

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Now, it’s your turn!  Read 2 Timothy chapter 2 in your Bible and comment on this vlog by saying which verse inspired you today.

P.S. I’m on a scripture memory journey this year, and the video is my recital of 2 Timothy 2 in the English Standard Version.

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